VS5200 Universal Synchronizer/TBC
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Discontinued Product.
Complete technical support provided for units sold.


10 bit frame synchronizer
Built-in TBC with auto mode select
3 line adaptive comb filter for compos­ite analog decoding
Transcoding from any selected input to all outputs simultaneously
Digital proc amp
Wide range output timing
Patented signal processing
Serial digital I/O
Composite I/O
Component I/O
YC I/O for SVHS, HI-8
Freeze field/frame
NTSC and PAL versions
DDO output for maintaining proper lip sync


The VS5200 Universal Synchronizer/TBC provides the solutions you need for synchronizing, transcoding and time base correction of analog or digital video.

Transparent video synchronizing is maintained with 10 bit component processing and proprietary technology. Serial digital, composite analog, component analog and Y IC inputs and outputs are all standard, allowing you to transcode from any format to any format. Or, if you need to time base correct a heterodyne source such as a Umatic, SVHS or Hi-8 VCR or camcorder, the built-in TBC will be enabled automatically and your problem is solved.

The VS5200 has a robust TBC section designed to handle noisy, jittering signals such as those from consumer camcorders and moving microwave sources. The noise adaptive clamp circuit prevents clamp streaking while optimizing clamp speed to match the noise level of the input video. The TBC design is based on years of TBC experience, and will handle everything from multiple generation consumer VHS to modern broadcast machines. The write clock generator is designed to hang in with noise and sync disturbances which cause other synchronizers to freeze or lose lock.

In addition to its performance with "dirty" video feeds, the VS5200 also has the signal processing circuitry to pass clean video with absolute transparency. The oversampling and adaptive comb filter ensure absolutely flat frequency response and virtually no pulse ringing. The adaptive clamp gives near perfect APL bounce performance with clean video signals while preventing streaking with noisy signals. The unique chroma decoder circuit has the ability to provide "direct" type color processing with stable but randomly phased chroma sources, such as those provided from many computer based video devices. The composite analog outputs meet all RS170A specifications including SCH, residual noise, synchronous noise, sin² shaped edges and jitter.

Whether you have a single format facility, or currently use multiple video formats, the VS5200 protects your investment. Universal transcoding gives you the flexibility to mix and match formats to suit your needs now and in the future. The VS5200 is the perfect bridge between composite analog, component analog, YC and serial digital equipment.

Output timing of the synchronized input can be varied over a wide range horizontally and vertically relative to the genlock reference. Vertical timing is adjustable in one line increments from I line advance to 2 lines delay, allowing you to correct for timing errors caused by other processors. Wide range control is also provided in the digital proc amp for: Video Gain, Black Level, Chroma Gain and Hue (NTSC composite and YC inputs only).

The IRU chassis accommodates one or two channels of the VS5200 Universal Synchronizer/TBC.


Video Inputs (selectable)
Serial digital (BNC) SMPTE 259M-C, Auto Equalization to 300m
Composite analog (BNC) 1 V p-p, 75 W
Component analog (3xBNC) Y: 1 V p-p, 75 W, R-Y, B-Y: 0.7 V p-p, 75 W
Y/C (4 pin mini DIN) Y: 1 V p-p, 75 W, C (burst): 286 mV p-p NTSC, 300 mV p-p PAL

Video Outputs (simultaneous)
Serial digital (BNC) SMPTE 259M-C
Composite analog (BNC) 1 V p-p, 75 W
Component analog (3xBNC) Y: 1 V p-p, 75 W, R-Y, B-Y: 0.7 V p-p, 75 W
Y/C (4 pin mini DIN) Y: 1 V p-p, 75 W, C (burst): 286 mV p-p NTSC, 300 mV p-p PAL

DDO Pulse (BNC)
TTL pulse to control AD3000 Audio Synchronizer (or equivalent) for automatic lip sync correction


Signal to Noise (Weighted luminance)
D1 In, Composite Out >76 dB
Composite In, Composite Out (Sync mode) >63 dB
Composite In, Composite Out (TBC mode) >65 dB
Component In, Composite Out >66 dB
YC In, Composite Out >65 dB\

Note: S/N for D1, Component and YC outputs exceeds the specifications for Composite output.

Luminance Frequency Response
Sync mode: ± 0.1 dB (0-5.0MHz), -0.5 dB @ 5.8MHz
TBC mode: ± 0.2 dB (0-2.5MHz)*
Differential Gain (Sync or TBC mode) <1.0%
Differential Phase (Sync or TBC mode) <0.7°
K Factor (2T): (Sync mode) < 0.5%
(TBC) mode) <2%

* Response in YC TBC mode is equal to synchronizer mode

Genlock Reference Loop
Composite analog (2xBNC) 1 V p-p, looping input

Output Timing Adjustments
H Phase -6 to +13 microseconds
V Phase -1H to +2H
Subcarrier Phase 360°
Residual jitter:
(Sync mode) < 1 nS p-p
(TBC mode) < 10 nS p-p
Chroma Phase Error:
(Sync mode) 0.5°
(TBC mode) 2°

Proc Amp Controls
Video Gain ±3 dB
Black Level ± 100 mV (14 IRE)
Chroma Gain ± 3 dB
Hue (NTSC only) ± 22°
Unity Select

Displays & Indicators
Input Present LED
Reference Locked LED
Freeze Field/Frame 2xLED
Alphanumeric Display

AC Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Consumption: (single channel) 30 Watts (max.)
(dual channel) 50 Watts (max.)

Mechanical & Environmental
Width 19.0”(48.3 cm)
Height 1.75”(4.5 cm)
Depth 20.0”(50.8 cm)
Weight 7.0 lb (3.2 kg)
Operating Temperature 0°C to +45°C
Storage Temperature 55°C to +75°C
Humidity 10% to 95%, non condensing

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