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The LipTracker™ Story

LipTracker™ is a non-invasive measurement tool for lip sync analysis. It operates using the same principle as the human brain by comparing the timing of sounds in the audio and mouth shapes in the video to measure the lip sync error.

LipTracker™ improves productivity by supplementing an operator's subjective and time consuming analysis of lip sync with rapid objective results measured in real time from the program material. This easy to use measurement tool provides numeric and graphic displays of the lip sync error, a history graph, status indicators and event logging.

LipTracker™ increases efficiency in systems design and installation, daily operation and program quality assurance.

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Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit 2007
LipTracker™ was awarded a Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit award in recognition of the innovative techology we have developed for lip sync analysis.
TV Technology STAR 2006
At NAB 2006, the LipTracker™ Lip Sync Analyzer was recognized with the prestigious STAR award from TV Technology
At NAB 2005 the LipTracker™ was recognized with the Television Broadcast Top Innovation Award
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